Mentorship / Lecture / Work Experience Programmes

Mentorship / Lectures 

Our students are always keen to hear stories that our alumni have personally experienced and what the future has to offer. Our students really love hearing from those that trod the corridors before them – you have so many experiences to share that can make choices, which can seem hard to young people, less frightening and much more of an exciting opportunity. Mentorship programmes also are highly encouraged at RCHK, so if you'd like to mentor a group of students to help them acquire a specific skill set, this can be arranged too. 

Work Experience 

Every year, our students are looking to gain a better insight into the world of work. Could you or your company help with a work placement? If yes, we’d love to hear from you. If you would consider a longer internship for an RCHK student, perhaps over a summer holiday period, we would also be delighted to try and match you up with an enthusiastic student. Year 11 and 12 students are regularly looking for business, science-related, design related or creative placements. We could establish a regular placement process if it was mutually supportive to your organisation. 


Please contact the RCHK Alumni office to make arrangements.